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PF 2014

Dec. 24th, 2013 | 04:06 pm
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pf 2014

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Japanese English XDD

Nov. 16th, 2013 | 01:28 am

This is really funny. XDD
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[Notes of Colorful Sky] 13: 13.11.2013 - The visit of Japanese school in Prague

Nov. 14th, 2013 | 04:42 am
location: Prague
mood: excitedexcited
music: Arashi - Morning Light

I know that I didnt updated much in last 2 weeks, but I will add new posts about last 2 weeks soon. :) I decided to update today because of special event which I experienced today.

As you know, I am studying Japanese in my country and it was decided that my class would visit a Japanese school in Prague, which provides primary and secondary education to children from Japanese families, who live temporarily in Prague. In other words, Japanese children (6-15 years old) go to this Japanese school in order to continue Japanese way of study, because they are going to return to Japan in a few years.

We got some instructions before our visit of the school, but there were many things which we werent sure about and which could be changed and different that day. Fortunately most of the information which we received beforehand were correct, therefore we didnt have to face too many "surprises".

We were welcomed right after we opened the door and were provided with slippers. We moved to a class, where the president of the school welcomed us and where one staff told us the plans for today. :) The first class was something like workshop class - simply, it was a class, where you could experience Japanese culture. ^^ I wore yukata again, I really loved the one, which I chose (I was the first one who chose to try it). I dont know, but it really makes me happy, when I can wear yukata or Japanese clothes. ^^" It just makes me feel good....
too bad that there isnt anything like "seijin no hi" event (Coming of Age Day), because I would love to wear kimono, although it is pretty expensive. :/ Ok, so back to wearing yukata. It was quite funny, because the ladies who helped me to put it on, seemed to be doing for the first time or after long time, because they werent sure about some parts of the whole putting on process. XD I really dont get it that they were so surprised by my body shape - I checked Japanese girls appearance a lot, when I was in Japan and their body wasnt much different from mine. Apparently my chest isnt so broad or "full", so it always makes some problems for keeping the clothes on the right place. -,- But we managed to put on yukata in the end and then I even tried to play karuta for the first time. It was so much fun. :D :D
Karuta is a card game, where you listen to someone reading proverbs/poems and you have to find the card with the right hiragana or kanji coresponding to the read text. :) Of course, hiragana version was much easier than kanji version. XDD

Then we visited different classes, so we could see a class, where children were drawing, writing kanji, learning Czech language or about Japanese society. :) The first graders were really sooo cute and hyperactive, but I was surprised bz the difference of attitude between the 1st graders and 2nd graders. The 2nd graders were kinda gloomy, un-happy looking. :{
After that we had discussion with older kids about their ways of learning kanji and about other different topics. It was nice, but I was already hungry by that time and I had problems to create correct simple Japanese sentence. :{ I am really disappointed by myself, because I thought that I could perform much better. I think my weakest point is lack of vocabulary practice. :{ I will have to change my study schedule and prevent myself from such embarrassments...

After that there was the best part of the day, I went to a class of 1st level of high school and we ate and talked about different topics, but mostly about manga and anime. They got so lively, when they found out about my love towards Japanese popculture. It was such a nice time, I could speak much better this time {I can perform better, when I am alone with Japanese} and I enjoyed the time spent with them. I felt that we were on the same "wave", therefore I felt really comfortable with them. It was funny that the teacher who was present, was a teacher of classical Japanese and my next afternoon class was the classical Japanese class. XDD She got so excited, when she got to know about my course. XDD
Then we cleaned the class, I even tried cleaning with the wet clog / do you know the cleaning scene from Spirited Away? So it was exactly like that scene. XD

Unfortunately that class was the last activity in our program for that day. After we cleaned, we returned to the class, where we left our bags and belongings. The vicepresident of the school said goodbye and the head of parent union had the closing speech. We wrote our impression of our visit and what we saw and then we left. It was so touching for me, that the teachers waved at us and smiled, when we were leaving. It seemed that they enjoyed our cultural and language exchange, too. :]

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[Notes of Colorful Sky] 10: 04.11.2013

Nov. 4th, 2013 | 01:46 pm
location: Prague 4
mood: happyhappy
music: おなじ話 / ハンバートハンバート

Finally I got good result from kanji test, which made me happy. Too bad that 1 mistake was caused by wrong choice of kanji (I wrote both kanji, but I decided to use the one with a different meaning).
My essay result wasnt so good as before, because I didnt have time to write anything good and didnt get any time for checking up mistakess…

I would also like to talk about this writing class a little bit more…Lets face it…how good should my essay be, when I had hardly 15 minutes to write anything. Sorry, but I really dont think that giving us 20-10 minutes at the end of class for writing an essay is good decision. And 2 topics from 3 were kinda weird (onomatopoe, education, the flavour that you remember). I am disappointed with this class, because the content of the class doesnt help me much and it is jumping from super-easy things to difficult things (that call for preparation). :/ But besides the content, I do mind that we have just a few minutes to write an essay and that we dont have anything like homework. :/
Today I also made stupid mistakes, because I didnt know some words and because my classmates kept asking me different questions about the topic and vocabulary. :/ But I think my preparation lacks somehow… I should practice more, because I feel that I am not improving, but rather getting worse. :/

Today our translation-class teacher sent us an article in my mother tongue, which we have to translate to JP. >.< I am so out of it, I have never done it and it looks difficult. I also find some parts of the article really weird, unnatural or without making sense. O.o Wish me good luck this Thursday. :)
I will finish watching WGM now, because I need to get over the shock from the article for translation-class. XD
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Beautiful Quote about fandom

Nov. 3rd, 2013 | 07:34 pm

Fandom is focus. Fandom is obsession. Fandom is insatiable consumption. Fandom is sitting for hours in front of a TV screen a movie screen a computer screen with a comic book a novel on your lap. Fandom is eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome and not enough exercise and staying up way, way past your bedtime.

Fandom is people you don’t tell your mother you’re meeting. Fandom is people in the closet, people out and proud, people in costumes, people in T-shirts with slogans only fifty others would understand. Fandom is a loud dinner conversation scaring the waiter and every table nearby.

Fandom is you in Germany and me in the US and him in Australia and her in Japan. Fandom is a sofabed in New York, a roadtrip to Oxnard, a friend behind a face in London. Fandom talks past timezones and accents and backgrounds. Fandom is conversation. Communication. Contact.

Fandom is drama. Fandom is melodrama. Fandom is high school. Fandom is Snacky’s law and Godwin’s law and Murphy’s law. Fandom is smarter than you. Fandom is stupider than you. Fandom is five arguments over and over and over again. Fandom is the first time you’ve ever had them.

Fandom is female. Fandom is male. Fandom lets female play at being male. Fandom bends gender, straight, gay, prude, promiscuous. Fandom is fantasy. Fandom doesn’t care about norms or taboos or boundaries. Fandom cares too much about norms and taboos and boundaries. Fandom is not real life. Fandom is closer than real life. Fandom knows what you’re really like in the bedroom. Fandom is how you would never, could never be in the bedroom.

Fandom is shipping, never shipping, het, slash, gen, none of the above, more than the above. Fandom is love for characters you didn’t create. Fandom is recreating the characters you didn’t create. Fandom is appropriation, subversion, dissention. Fandom is adoration, extrapolation, imitation. Fandom is dissection, criticism, interpretation. Fandom is changing, experimenting, attempting.

Fandom is creating. Fandom is drawing, painting, vidding: nine seasons in four minutes of love. Fandom is words, language, authoring. Fandom is essays, stories, betas, parodies, filks, zines, usenet posts, blog posts, message board posts, emails, chats, petitions, wank, concrit, feedback, recs. Fandom is writing for the first time since you were twelve. Fandom is finally calling yourself a writer.

Fandom is signal and response. Fandom is a stranger moving you to tears, anger, laughter. Fandom is you moving a stranger to speak.

Fandom is distraction. Fandom is endangering your job, your grades, your relationships, your bank account. Fandom gets no work done. Fandom is too much work. Fandom was/is just a phase. Fandom could never be just a phase. Fandom is where you found a friend, a sister, a kindred spirit. Fandom is where you found a talent, a love, a reason.

Fandom is where you found yourself.

(via safaiajewel)

P.S. Some of your didnt see the source, so there was misunderstanding, because I didnt write it !!! I just wanted to "reblog" it and share it with you, because I like the quote. :)

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[Notes of Colorful Sky] 09: 01.11.2013

Nov. 1st, 2013 | 11:10 am
location: Prague
mood: about to study
music: Ceui - Soai Calendula

Today is the first day of November! :D November, welcome! :D

1. I had really good breakfast - nutella + sponge biscuit and vanilla icecream with red jam and sponge biscuits. :D It has been such long time since I ate such sweet and “special” breakfast. I loved it, but then I felt like I gained weight…like that I became heavier and my movements got slow and kinda clumsy. XD

2. Today I am attending ELO concert with my father. :)

3. I want to buy butterfly/flower curtain decoration. I think it will look really nice. :)

5. All the scandals and fan problems in Shinee fandom ...The whole situation kinda made me upset and feel uncomfortable, too…I think i should study more this week and the negative comments/reactions wont bother me so much.

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[Notes of Colorful Sky] 08: 31.10.2013

Oct. 31st, 2013 | 08:04 pm

Waaah, today was successful for me, I feel that luck is coming back to me.

1. The translation-class went well, I didnt get scolded and didnt make stupid mistakes. :) Plus, my clever friend took his time to come 1 hour before clas to check our translations and discuss problematic parts. I was also glad that I didnt have so many mistranslated points like last time. :)
Besides that teacher didnt let me translate my 3rd/4th sentence, although we still had 5-8 minutes till the end of class (it was because my sentence was the beginning of new column). I dont know, it made me kinda feel that he was ok with my performance and didnt force me to do more than other classmates. (This week I was the one who started with translating the article; every student  has to read and translate 1 sentence.)

2. Shinee gained another win and Key was so cute with his “joker make-up”.

3. I met my language tutor and fortunately we found free table in cafe which I chose. :D The best thing is that the table was near window and the decoration of cafe was really nice. I could tell myself that I did good job. :D We also laughed a lot because we talke about pronunciation and other stuff. XD

4. After I came home and ate family dinner, I found out that the grammar class on Friday was cancelled. Yeah! That meant that I could have calmer Thursday and free Friday. :D

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Halloween morning

Oct. 31st, 2013 | 10:02 am
mood: moodymoody

Hmmm, it is Halloween, but nothing special will happen today, which is sad. My family doesnt celebrate it and people in my country also dont care much about it. Nobody will come for trick and treat…But this year is the first time when I want something to happen and make the day more memorable.

I am still in my bad mood…kinda upset and not fine…I wish there was some magical trick, which I could use to dispell this type of annoying mood.
Today I am also meeting my language tutor…for the first time I am not looking forward to it a lot…I just hope she will help me to understand the grammatical points which I have hard time with.

Besides, I have only one class…I prepared and should try to do my best, but right now I am kinda “dont care at all”…

May be I should try to rest by watching something short after school…

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Oct. 31st, 2013 | 12:08 am

Happy Halloween!

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[Notes of Colorful Sky] 07: 30.10.2013

Oct. 30th, 2013 | 11:04 pm

Hmm, today is a weird day.

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